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Soil Amp is a soil amendment formulated to re-supply the soil with humus and humic acid.

Soil Amp Will:
-Improve Soil CEC's
-Stimulates Crop Residue Decay
-Improves Root Penetration
-Enhances Plant Development

How it works:
Soil Amp works by increasing the soils cationic exchange capacity.

In addition, Soil Amp stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms by providing three times more available carbon than other carbon based products.

Soil Amp is a safe rebuilding product for your growing needs.

Application Rate:

Pre Plant:
Mix 3 fluid ounces per gallon of water or 32 ounces per acre.

Post Spraying:
mix 2 fluid ounces per gallon of water or 20 fluid ounces per acre.

Soil Amp 2.5 Gallons                     $139.99  Plus Shipping & Handling
(covers 10 acres @ pre-plant usage)

Soil Amp 30 Gallons
                       Contact us for price
(covers 120 acres @ pre-plant usage)

Soil Amp 250 Gallons
                       Contact us for price
(covers 1000 acres @ pre-plant usage)
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-Supplies Beneficial Bacteria
-Provides Two Sources of Carbon
-Enriches Fruit & Grain Value and Flavor
-Recovers Poor Producing Fruit Trees

Soil Amp enhances your fertilizer program and allows you to get the best results out of your fields. Soil Amp has been known to increase yield, enhance tonnage, improve stem quality and reduce fungicide usage.