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Seed Amp is an easy to use, non-toxic, bio-degradable, all natural, time saving, effective seed stimulating plant product!

Seed Amp is a seed germination enhancer which stimulates seeds to sprout more rapidly.

With the use of Seed Amp, you can maximize seed germination in poor growing conditions as well as reduce germination time. Your seeds will "pop" with Seed Amp!

Seed Amp is beneficial for late plantings, second plantings, and dry weather conditions. Seed Amp will save you money.
How it works:
Seed Amp works by stimulating the seed coat with the elements of hydrogen and oxygen.

Once the diffusion of the elements are complete then the seed is energized; thus, activating an enzyme.

After the enzyme is activated, respiration begins and plant cells are duplicated.

Application Rate:

At Planting:
Mix four fluid ounces with one gallon of water or 40 fluid ounces per acre.

* Use 20 fluid ounces of Seed Amp in conjunction with 28% per acre.
Seed Amp adds germinating strength that is not available in 28%
Apply directly on seed or saturate seeded area at time of planting.

Post Planting:
Mix 2 ounces of Seed Amp concentrate per gallon of water or 20 fluid ounces per acre. Spray directly over newly seeded area.
Guaranteed Analysis:

Total Nitrogen (N)____________________0%
Available Phosphate (P2 O5)__________ 0%
Soluble Potash (K2 O )________________7.0%
Derived from Muriate of Potash and Liquid Humus.
Seed Amp 2.5 Gallons              $139.99 Plus Shipping & Handling
(concentrate makes 160 gallons)

Seed Amp 30 Gallons        
           Contact us for price
(concentrate makes 1920 gallons)

Seed Amp 250 Gallons       
           Contact us for price
(concentrate makes 16000 gallons)
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