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Root Amp is an all natural formulation to aid in the setting
of any type of rooted plant, tree, shrub, bulb, onions, garlic or roses.

It also has the added benefit of being a seed inoculant.

Root Amp is 100 % natural and eco friendly.
How it works:
- Provides moisture attracting compounds

- Aids in nutrient availability

- Is a seed inoculant

- Contains no harmful ingredients

- Safe around humans and animals

Application Rate:

Dip base of bulb into Root Amp and set bulb.

Dig hole and dust 1/4 cup of Root Amp over root area and cover.

Dig hole and dust 1/4 cup of Root Amp per plant and cover.

Root Amp 2 Pounds                 $14.99  Plus Shipping & Handling

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