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Oxie Amp 400 is a non toxic wetting concentrate.

Oxie Amp can be blended with most all liquid applied products for flowers, trees, lawns, produce, and crops.

Always do a compatibility test to be safe

Oxie Amp 400:
- Is a wetting agent
- Extends waters values
- Serves to reduce evaporation
- Made from all natural compounds
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How it works:
When added to water it increases its absorption while reducing evaporation, thus extending waters values.

Application Rate:

For drip irrigation: mix 1/2 oz. per gallon of water.

For soil application: Mix 15 oz. per acre with 15 gallons of water.

For liquid fertilizer: Mix 1 Tsp. per gallon of  mixture.

For foliar feeding (watering only): Mix 1/2 Tsb per gallon of water.
Oxie Amp 16 oz.                    $9.99 Plus Shipping & Handling
   (concentrate makes)
*Varies on application rate*

Oxie Amp 1 Gallon               $26.99 Plus Shipping & Handling
  (concentrate makes)
*Varies on application rate*