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Award winning Rose grown by Cindy Stewart Using Plant Amp! Untreated on the left/Treated on right with Soil Amp "Look at all my tomatoes I have on one plant! I have never had such a bountiful harvest until I used your product." -Larry Bob says... "look at all my healthy peppers during a drought. I love Soil & Plant Amp!" That's a softball in the middle! I love Organi-Gro -Lisa "I have been unsuccessful to get anything to grow in this area until I used your Plant Amp and Soil Amp. Your stuff works miracles" - Patty
The growth of my alfalfa - Rick My strawberry plant did so well and I had the sweetest tasting strawberries ever. Thanks Organi-Gro" - Jamie Untreated top/treated bottom with Soil Amp Double treat,no treat, single treat with soil Amp.We love this product at the Tully farm! "Your product works so well and since it's all natural I let my son even help fertilize!" - Justin "I used Trans Amp on a field of pepper plants I set and I didn't lose one of them." - Amazed
Strawberry Amp Is an amazing product! I wish I would have found it years ago.  - Jim All my plants love Plant Amp. - Patty I used Plant Amp & Soil Amp on my garden this year and literally had a wagon load of peppers! - Jake We only use Organi Gro products in our greenhouse operation. I think the results speak for themselves. Thanks Organi Gro. - John My onions love Root Amp! - John Grown using Plant Amp
Customer Photo ( grown using Plant Amp) Customer Photo (grown using Organi-Gro's hay program) Customer Photo (products used: Plant Amp & Soil Amp) Customer Submitted Photo (product used: Strawberry Amp)
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