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Dee Dee Stink 9000 liquid concentrate is a  milti-purpose cleaner, sanitizer, emulsifier, and odor eliminator safe for use around humans and animals.

Dee Dee Stink 9000 at a diluted rate works as a cleaner and sanitizer when washing down pits, walls, floors, and stalls where animals are kept or transported.

Dee Dee Stink 9000 at full strength can be added to manure pits to reduce fly attraction, emulsify solids, prevent crusting, keep waste liquefied, prevent freezing, and reduce ammonia concentrations.
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Dee Dee Stink 9000  is ready-to-use.
Pour into sprayer or watering can.
Apply over holding pens, animal bedding,
stall floors and walls.

One gallon covers approximately 500 - 700
square feet. Apply every three weeks.

Use in Holding Pits:
Apply 2 1/2 gallons of
Dee Dee Stink 9000 every two weeks
for an average pit size of 80' x 20'.
Application may vary depending on volume,
heat and absorption.

Use as a Wash:
Dilute Dee Dee Stink 9000
using 4 ounces per gallon of water.
Dee Dee Stink 9000c is non-corrosive
and can be used to wash down pens,
cages, and runs.

Dee Dee Stink 9000 1 Gallon          $32.99 Plus Shipping & Handling

Dee Dee Stink 9000 2.5 Gallons      $52.99 Plus Shipping & Handling