Organi-Gro's all-natural, multi-ingredient, highly concentrated liquid, fast acting, and effective fertilizers and soil enhancers will exceed your cultivating expectations!

Organi-Gro's amazing product line has been lab and field tested producing outstanding results.

All products are manufactured through an eco-friendly system with the highest level of quality control in New Castle, Indiana.

The premise for the development of Organi-Gro products is based on research and documentation dating back to the early 1800's.

With ease, you can grow larger, more vibrant flowers & cultivate bountiful, more flavorful vegetables!

Organi-Gro offers an all natural-hay program and agriculture program, too! Also, Organi-Gro is pleased to announce the launch of the
Dee Dee Stink product line! Dee Dee Stink is an all-natural product that eliminates odor!

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